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Can you remember the last time you were completely in awe with the world around you? The world we know has become hectic and fast-changing. It’s become a luxury to look up the sky and marvel at the stars, or walk into a dense pocket of woods to listen to birdsong, or be humbled in the presence of something immense, like colossal Redwoods or a domineering mountain.

A curious mind, however, can feel this intense sense of awe in his work desk, at home, or taking the public transport. The wonders of life have always been right in front of us. And thanks to the scientists that have dedicated their lives to their fields, we’re understanding them better each day.

Letters and Science is the place to go when you’re curious to know what’s out there. Keep reading and exploring.

About the Author

“Science is nothing grand. It is what it is. It’s what we see and what we don’t see. It’s the world around us and within us, and the more we know about it, the more we know our place in the Universe.”


Wolfgang Keller

Editor-in-Chief, Seasoned Science Journalist

Wolfgang Keller grew up wanting to be scientist. But after discovering that he loved words more than numbers, he studied to be a journalist. To his luck, he finished college at a time when science communication was at its prime, with Carl Zimmer, Brian Greene, and Jared Diamond leading the way. It was his calling, and he happily obliged. Since then, he’s been reporting the latest breakthroughs and captivating discoveries across the scientific fields. He has a curious mix of interests. When he’s not writing, he’s bird-watching across America’s national wildlife refuges.


Anna Langer

Head Writer, Environmental Humanities

Anna Langer is a passionate science writer, naturalist, and environmental advocate. She reports from the frontiers of environmental humanities, an emergent, interdisciplinary field of research that investigates the complex interrelationships between human activity and the environment. Like journalists, her mission is to communicate facts, but with the rich, evocative power of prose. Among the many writers that inspired her to write in this vein are Diane Ackerman and Rachel Carson. She hopes not only to illuminate science but also inspire readers into action.


Charles Picard

Head Writer, Technology and Economics

As an experienced account, Charles Picard eats numbers for breakfast. But he’s also a believer of something bigger: economics. He’s one of the few people who think that understanding the rules that govern people and markets have a direct impact on the rules that govern nature. We know humans to be capable of altering the course of nature in devastating proportions, and the world’s economies have a lot to do with it. And this is what he aims to explore in his writing.